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WINDOW THINGS is.... an assortment of old finials and hardware collected on Portobello Road in London and at the Paris Flea.

MORE.... is an eclectic collection of things different or unusual: the Rosetta Stone, Napoleon removed from Egypt along with and the Elgin Marbles that Lord Elgin arranged to have moved to England from Greece.
Main stream we are not. We have a collection of things that are different and unusual, of the most excellent of quality for your home, office or as a gift.

Everything is handcrafted so no two things are exactly alike.

Know a musician? Check out the bust of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin or Wagner - one would look just right in your home or office.
Are you Bookish?  We have a Shakespeare with the earring in his left ear.
Redecorating? Browse our Window Treatment, Home Decor and Outdoors/Garden sections, you will be inspired.
Looking for a special gift? Browse our gifts section and you are sure to find some quirky thing that will interest you.